Trump: The Curtain Drops

A few years ago, I set up a blog entitled Tangents.  Back then, I said I’d start writing when the spirit moved me.  Until now, that was just an empty statement.

The name Tangents was intended to suggest wide ranging comments on a variety of topics, only tangentially connected.  Put another way, it’s a stream of consciousness blog meandering all over the place.

About 10 days after the 2016 elections, I shared this idea with two journalists.  That’s all it was, a notion suggested.  Since then, while it rattled around in the back recesses of my mind, its likelihood has only increased in my estimation

Well, world – or more likely, the 5 or 6 people who will see this initially – here goes my first post…

I don’t see Trump finishing his term.  He will:
  1. Die of /  be incapacitated by heart attack (70, fat, no exercise, poor diet, holds grudges/ no stress relief for what is likely the most stressful job on earth),
  2. Resign, either fed up or a la Nixon (pretty self explanatory), or
  3. Be impeached and convicted (Imagine that, by his own party.).
Conflicts of interests, lack of understanding, mediocre business skills, unwillingness to prepare, and constant mendacity will gradually and collectively become his fatal albatross.

Which of the three will happen?  I have no idea, as my sense is different every day. None of this will be good for the USA or the world. But then again, Trump isn’t good for the US or the world.  In some respects, Pence will be worse.
I’ll give Trump credit for capitalizing on a deep vein of discontent amongst his core supporters, but little else.  However, I just don’t get why he wasn’t disqualified as utterly unfit for office for any of several dozen reasons, any one of which would be sufficient to disqualify anyone else. Better late than never, he will be disqualified.


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